When Should Your Child Get a Tooth Extraction?

General Dentistry

Although it is generally preferable to let baby teeth fall out on their own, there are times when dental extraction is necessary. Read on to find out when your child should get a tooth extracted.

Early Extraction

Many people believe that because baby teeth will ultimately fall out, it isn’t a huge concern if they are removed prematurely. That’s not correct.

While the adult teeth form, the baby teeth occupy the space in the mouth. When the adult tooth is ready to emerge, the roots of the baby tooth will disintegrate, making removal from the mouth simple and painless.

Extracting the baby tooth before it is fully developed might cause the kid to have more bleeding or discomfort than usual, as well as growing concerns with the adult tooth.

Serious Decay or Damage

Whenever there is substantial damage or decay in the tooth that cannot be repaired, the tooth would be advised to get extracted from your mouth.

Misalignment & Crowding

If there is crowding or misalignment of the teeth, baby teeth that are impeding the healthy growth of the adult teeth will be extracted. Baby teeth are also commonly removed to provide adequate preparation and management of space for braces.

Eruption of Adult Teeth

When a baby tooth is rigid and refuses to come out normally despite the existence of a fully-grown adult tooth that is ready to erupt, your child’s dentist may recommend that the baby tooth be extracted.

Failing to remove the baby tooth on time might create developmental problems and may give your kid discomfort or suffering owing to a buildup of pressure where the adult tooth is attempting to emerge.

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