Teeth in an Hour

Teeth in an Hour

Teeth in an Hour

Teeth in an Hour™ is a ground-breaking procedure that employs dental implants to provide patients with completely functional teeth in a single dental appointment.

Unique & Instant

Our Teeth in an Hour™ procedure at CDI’c Smiles is guided by a low radiation 3D X-Ray using immersive virtual 3D design software that constructs a 3D surgical guide. The technology is used to plan the placement of dental implants and ensure accurate teeth placement during surgery.

When it comes to dental implant surgeries, this approach is regarded for its incredibly quick completion. The treatment is usually the best option for dental implant patients who have been advised they need to have their teeth removed, those who suffer from the bad effects of wearing dentures, or those that have lost one or two teeth.

It is just as vital for you to be thorough with us as it is for us to be thorough with you during your discussion & evaluation! While you may have excellent oral health and appropriate bone density/health to support dental implants, we ask you to give us a list of medications used, medical histories, and, if applicable, a history of teeth grinding (bruxism). It will assist us in determining if dental implants are appropriate for you.

To evaluate your suitability for the Teeth in an Hour™ treatment, an initial complete evaluation will be performed. During the session, a dental examination and a series of dental X-Rays will be conducted to collect the necessary data. We will also take images of your teeth to use for your Before & After look and to assist us in getting started.

The next phase in the patient’s procedure is computer-based implant surgical planning. Our computer-based planning uses a 3D virtual representation of the jaw. At CDI’c Smiles, we take pride in assuring that our patients fully understand their dental process. Our cutting-edge technology enables us to present our patients with an exact image of their future smile as well as a complete comprehension of the operation.

We will now be able to place your implants exactly and precisely according to data obtained through our computer-guided technology. Precision drilling with the use of a surgical guide is also important in the precise placement of the patient’s implants. There is no need for sutures, and there is usually no swelling or pain. The prosthesis, whether temporary or permanent, is immediately fitted following the installation of the dental implants. Finally, you will be able to leave our clinic with a completely functional smile that you will be able to enjoy for the rest of your life.

Benefits of Teeth in an Hour™


This computer-guided dental implant procedure is incredibly accurate, safe, and painless. Furthermore, on the same day of treatment, patients can walk out with beautiful teeth!

You will not be lacking teeth between your initial consultation and your final dental implant operation if you use our Teeth in an Hour technology. You will leave our clinic with lovely teeth the same day you come in!

Common Queries About Dental Implants Answered