Smile In a Day

Smile In a Day

What is CDiC's Smile in a Day?

CDI’c WAKAD AND HINJEWADI Smile in a Day or All on 4 or All on 6 is a long-lasting tooth solution that replaces mobile, broken and removed teeth or teeth dentures. Also with dental implants it ensures new esthetic, functional fixed teeth – in one day.

It is a life-changing fixed functional teeth replacement that restores your ability to bite, smile and taste. It lets you enjoy all such types of food as if you had natural teeth. It nonetheless gives you a beautiful smile but also restores the most needed confidence.

When compared to traditional dental implants procedure smile in a day with just a single surgical appointment, and in less invasive and much quicker way we restore the need of the patients. Smile in a day reduces patients suffering as post-surgical recovery time in many patients is challenging after traditional process.

It’s most suitable for patients with extreme bone loss – also it ensues bone grafting can be avoided in the majority of cases.

The close to natural tooth replacement

Smile in Day same-day dental implants are the closest solution to natural teeth because:

CDIC Smile in a Day – advanced same-day dental implant treatment.

After thorough research surgeons have found a way to reduce toothless suffering for the patients as till almost 2005, the real alternative to dentures was a typical dental implant replacement.

With traditional implant methods, treatment can take many months as multiple surgical visits and multiple weeks of healing time is needed at each step of the treatment – extractions, bone grafting if needed, implant surgery, placement of the permanent crowns / bridge. Removable dentures often have to be worn throughout this healing period which is a big task for patient seeking a fixed tooth option.

The Smile in a Day procedure, sometimes referred to as, all on 4 or all on 6, has revolutionized traditional dental implant replacement techniques.

Now, people living with the discomfort and inconvenience of loose ill-fitting dentures and or with missing teeth or  partial dentures can have full sets of fixed good looking new teeth and their looks restored in a single day.


In the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon at cdic Wakad and cdic Hinjewadi Pune, it is a safe and proven procedure.

Also one of the key benefits of Smile in a Day is that it can even help people who have been told that traditional dental implants are not an option for them as they have delayed the replacement leading to severe bone loss or due to their existing gum disease.

How can you restore a whole mouth with fixed teeth in one day?

It’s very logical to doubt this, when we have seen that even single tooth treatment takes days lets understand how its done…

CDIC’s Smile in a Day patients arrive for surgery with non-repairable, sometimes painful, infectious, loose or already missing teeth or uncomfortable loose dentures. And often they feel so self-conscious that they usually cover their mouths when they speak or smile lip tightened. Many have previously been told that false teeth are their only option. Thus living with compromised chewing pattern and suffering because of that

They leave cdic smiles at the end of the day with a full set of brand new teeth and looks, securely fixed on dental implants,and their smiles restored.

This is possible because the implants are surgically placed into your jaw bone in such a way that they replace your natural tooth roots at a very precise angulation thus they maximize the use of existing bone to the highest level.

This way of angulating the dental implants eliminates the need for multiple bone grafts or bilateral or more surgical process of sinus lifts in the majority of cases, along with this time required for healing post bone graft surgery of staying toothless is reduced to minimal possible time

Four or more dental implants are usually placed in each jaw to support a full hybrid denture or bridge thus providing fixed teeth solution to fully edentulous patients.

These hybrid dentures can’t be removed by patients.When such dental implants and prosthesis are placed on the same day, this is called “immediate loading” in implantology.

Even in cases of extreme bone loss in upper or maxillary jaw where zygomatic (cheekbone) implants are needed, the procedure can still be carried out in a day with appropriate planning and execution.

CDIC Wakad and cdic Smiles Hinjewadi are one of the few dental implant clinics in the India with the surgeons who possess the skill and experience to place zygomatic implants.

So, as compared to traditional implant methods which require multiple surgical visits and many weeks of healing time, CDIC’s Smile in a Day, same-day implants, All on 4 or All on 6 are a less invasive procedure that can safely reduce your treatment time to a matter of hours.  

Complete healing below fixed teeth

It normally takes minimum 8 to 12 weeks for the dental implant to Osseo integrate with jaw bone.

During this time, your new fixed prosthesis or teet hare retained fixed to the dental implants inside the jaw bone 24* 7 just like our natural teeth.

So, contrary to traditional implant methods, you don’t have to live with no teeth or missing teeth or have to use the uncomfortable removable dentures till this healing time of 8 to 12 weeks which too get stretched when grafting is done or sinus lift surgeries are done.

These immediately fixed hybrid prosthesis can be exchanged to final, more permanent set of teeth made from long lasting materials like PFM, CAD-CAM PFM,TITANIUM, ZIRCONIA bars or ZIRCONIA bridge by non-surgical appointments about 3 to 6 months post initial surgery.This needs to be done after some time so as to ensure your final new prosthesis are perfectly fitting to your settled gums post initial implant placement surgery and at the end of bone reshaping or re-modelling post tooth removal.

Using these both sets of new teeth, we at cdic smiles work closely with our dental laboratory partners and with you to transform your teeth into the smile that you have always wanted. Thus we ensure proper chewing efficiency and longevity of the permanent prosthesis.

Your final prosthesis/teeth are stronger than your first fixed set of prosthesis as they are made of more reinforced materials.    

Am I suitable for CDIC’s Smile in a Day?

Smile in a Day orally on 4/6 dental implants are suitable for most patients with mobile or missing teeth, even in those who have severe periodontal disease and bone loss.

Such patients are likely to be suitable if following are problems:

At CDIC’s smiles our one of the best dentist in Wakad and Hinjewadi carefully screen all our patients before confirming suitability for All on 4 or Smile in a Day using information gathered at your initial consultation and from your CBCT scan reports.

Patient safety is more important to us hence we take meticulous dental history & medical history record and complete blood checkup is also done prior to the planning of the procedure. We work in co-ordination with your general physician or specialist consultants (diabetologist,cardiologist,etc.) if any. We derive a workable plan and proceed further for smile in a day.  There is absolute no upper age limit to any kind of dental implant treatment.

Ideal for nervous patients

Many of our patients are very scared of the dental implant process before meeting drswapnil b patil at our wakad or hinjewadi cdic smiles centers in pune, but later on they become impressed and joyous about how pain-free the whole procedure was. These are genuine feedbacks from most of our old dental implant patients.

CDIC’s Smile in a Day or All on 4/ 6 is ideal if you are a nervous patient as only day of surgical treatment is usually needed. We work with anesthesiologist and use conscious sedation or premedications where patients do remain awake but they feel very calm and relaxed.  Almost all post operativediscomfort are treated with simple medication e.g. painkillers.

Ideal for nervous patients

The benefits of CDiC’s Smile in a Day


How the new prostheses are created?

Usually that’s the first process we do intraorally post planning, few impressions are recorded and on the basis of the patients needs and previous photographic images we at cdic try to replicate old natural missing smile back for our patients. A kind of full mouth mock up is done to suit patients’ needs as previously discussed. And a new set of teeth or dummy dentures are made to fit the patients need on the day of smile in a day. This is confirmed and fixed on dental implants

The prosthesis is the hybrid denture that is made in such a way that it replaces missing gums and teeth areas thus it looks exactly like natural gums and teeth, and these are attached to all on 4/6 dental implants by a fixtures thus giving patient stable, esthetic & fixed teeth.

Patients are fitted with the temporary prosthesis on the day that the implants are placed, and it remains securely in place whilst the dental implant Osseo-integrates in a matter of 8 to 16 weeks.

Then, after about three to six months later on when the gums have healed completely and settled down, it is replaced with the final, permanent prosthesis.

At CDIC’s smiles, every bit of dental craftsman work is meticulously carried out by skilled dental technicians and are over looked by dentist at cdic.

We can also use the details from your CBCT scan to measure available bone teeth and gums condition, design a surgical guide on the basis of same CBCT and with the help of intraoral scan a precision milled  prosthesis can also be procured thus using the latest CAD / CAM technology to the use of manufacturing thus reducing human errors.

Our dental technicians are Renowned for their expertise in dental prosthesis manufacturing. They use ultra-precision devices and milling machines, and their manufacturing processes comply with international quality standards. 

Peace of mind with CDIC smiles’ Smile in a Day

Led by, Specialist implantologist Dr. Swapnil Patil and our highly experienced dental implant teams we perform many of Smiles in a Day or All on 4 implant procedures every year.

We treat self-aware patients finding us through social media or through online presence – these includes many who have been told by their dentist that they are not suitable for dental implants and been told thatfor them removable dentures are only option they have for replacement as well as we do receive referrals from dentists about same.

We at cdic smiles understand that choosing the right dental implant team is a very personal choice for every patient, so we always advise every one of our patients carefully considering all dental implant treatment research done till date.

Don’t be afraid to ask,one of Pune’s best dental implant dentist questions and clear all your doubts about smile in a day and dental implants. Re-assure yourself that we at cdic smiles do have the right skills and experience to fulfill your needs.

We encourage patients to read our patient’s verified reviews, and to watch their video stories on our YouTube page, to hear genuine feedback on patient experiences of their treatment at CDIC’s WAKAD AND HINJEWADI.

Which implants does CDIC’s smiles Wakad & Hinjewadi use?

As with most things in life, quality matters.

The quality of the implants used can greatly affect the out come of implant surgery.

It is important to ask your dentist which implants they use as poorer quality materials and manufacturing processes can affect both short and longer-term success rates.

As implants can be integrated into your bone for a lifetime, it is always advisable to confirm that your implants meet the highest quality standards.

At CDIC’s WAKAD AND HINJEWADI we never compromise on quality.

Our dental implants are supplied by a leading worldwide manufacturer that develops and manufactures for top-end dental implant practitioners, and that are designed to reduce treatment times and improve patient outcomes.

We use an advanced type of implant with a built-in Morse-taper or angles such that provides a stronger base for your new fixed teeth.

These dental implants are precision-milled from pure Grade IV or grade V Titanium alloy (ASTM F67), which is a high-quality grade of titanium specifically manufactured for surgical use.

Personally checked and selected by our Lead dental Surgeon and Specialist

Our dental implants are specifically selected for:

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The CDI’c WAKAD AND HINJEWADI Implant Centers team has successfully helped hundreds of patients to get fully functioning teeth and natural-looking smiles back in just one day, including many who have been told that they can’t get fixed teeth now.

Our Two Pune based implant centers are located in Wakad Hinjewadi areas in Pune conveniently accessible from Pimple Saudagar, Tathawade, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Aundh, Baner, Balewadi areas in Pune and also are conveniently located for international clients to access from Mumbai international airport and Pune international airport

To find out how you too can smile again with confidence, speak to us at cdic by calling on 9970504270 or by booking a free consultation

A member of our team will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure, our team and dental implant costs.

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