Full Arch Implant Solution

Full Arch Implant

Full Arch Implant Treatment

CDI’c Smiles can place full arch dental implants to restore the function and beauty of your smile — if you need a whole arch of teeth replaced. We can employ modern 3-D imaging to establish the most appropriate places for your implant posts during the procedure. With the use of a specialized surgical guide, we will insert multiple implant posts to support a custom-made denture. Your repair will be very stable and realistic.

Full arch implant

The Procedure

CDI’c Smiles for Dental Implants is outfitted with cutting-edge 3D imaging equipment. This enables our specialists to examine thorough digital scans of your mouth and face in order to develop a very accurate and successful treatment plan that is free of surprises.

Prior to surgery, your specialist will create a personalized treatment plan to guarantee the best potential outcomes. First, the specialist will take images and digital x-rays of your mouth in order to develop a three-dimensional computer model of it. Using the computer-guided implants system, the expert will develop a personalized surgical template as well as search for the best implant placement locations. The specialist will give a local anesthetic on the day of your surgery. The specialist will insert four or more implant posts into your jaw using your surgical guide.

Your oral surgeon will extract any remaining teeth in the dental arch during the surgery. They will then insert up to four dental implant posts and attach a temporary prosthesis in place. The posts will fuse to your jaw bone over time, and the permanent prosthesis will be installed at that time.

Who is the right candidate?

Full arch implants may be appropriate if you are missing most or all of your teeth. They might also be a good option if you have extensive dental damage that necessitates a complete mouth extraction. Full arch implants are also an option if you presently wear a removable denture and want a more life like, durable, and comfortable alternative.

Why Should You Replace Your Missing Teeth?

Tooth loss or decay that is left untreated can lead to a variety of oral health issues. Without a root or a dental implant, the bone deteriorates over time in regions where teeth are missing. In the future, severe bone loss may necessitate costly and complex bone replacement surgery.

Removable dentures and bridges rest on the bony ridge of the mouth and do not stimulate the jaw. They must also be changed every few years, which many patients find difficult. Fixed dentures that are supported by a full-arch implant are a permanent part of your smile and do not need to be removed during eating or cleaning. You are taking significant measures toward repairing and safeguarding your oral health when you restore your smile with dental implants.

Benefits of Full-Arch Implant

Once you choose a full-arch implant to totally repair your smile, you will enjoy the same health advantages as dental implants while getting a whole new smile.


If you are ready to learn more about your options for obtaining a healthy smile, we invite you to contact our team of professionals. Our friendly team is available to assist you, and we look forward to enhancing your quality of life with this great oral surgery process.

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