Dental Implants teeth for life- CDiC wakad Dental Implants in Pune

if you are looking for dental implants in pune PCMC or pan India. Dental implants is a way of better life for patients. Patients with missing 1 or multiple teeth, have a lot of issues related to comfort appearance and inability to chew. Continue reading for more details

Dental implant gives all the comfort and absolutely normal functioning for our patient.

The Cosmetic Dental & Implant Center has been operating for more than 11 years using all 4 treatments and is now 1 in one of the selected clinics in India that can claim to be an “All on 4 Clinic”.

All On 4’ and ‘All On 6’ are therapeutic treatments aimed at restoring a complete set of teeth with dental implants.

Traditionally, dentists and dentists prefer to place 6, 8 or even more implants in each jaw before replacing them with complete teeth. Over the years, a lot of research has been done to determine how many items to add, without the right answer. What we do know now is that 4 implants work very well and short-term and long-term success rates do not improve when other implants are added.

People who have very decayed teeth, unrepaired and pre-stored teeth, or jaws that have been severely damaged in the bones due to Gum (Periodontal) Diseases are all likely to be treated.

These therapies help to overcome the problems that often arise when patients do not have enough bone, especially in the back of the jaw. The bone ‘withers’ following tooth decay or gum disease. With less implants being used, the need for bone grafting can be overcome. Placing additional implants or adjusting the implantation clause as in ‘One On 6’ aims to build on a system of cases of younger patients or high-risk patients.

Many patients who visit to our clinics have been told elsewhere that they are not ready for dental treatment or that they do not have enough bone available. In many of these cases, we can offer procedures like ‘All on 4’ and overcome challenges that other alternatives cannot deal with.

Usually our ‘All On 4’ and ‘One On 4 Plus’ treatments are completed within 1-2 days, once treatment has started. The traditional healing period of 3 – 6 months can be overcome by dental implants and by making our patients adhere to a liquid / soft diet during healing.

The teeth that are first placed on are of inserted material made of highly reinforced steel acrylic. These teeth can be the last and most permanent teeth and can last the longest time in the mouth. Following a successful investment combination we have a number of development options our patients can choose from with huge discounts for those patients who choose to pay up front.

dental implant surgery done @ cdic smiles by dr swaponil patil in wakad & hinjewadi- a quick presentation