Dental Bridges – A Great Solution for Missing Teeth?

Dental Bridges – A Great Solution for Missing Teeth

Dental Bridges or sometimes described as a ‘fixed partial denture or FPD’ is Metal/Porcelain/zirconia CAD-CAM dental prosthesis that is attached to a prepared tooth, teeth, or implants to replace a missing tooth or teeth. For a single tooth replacement, a simple ‘3 tooth bridge’ consists of two crowns on either side of the gap, with a false solid tooth rigidly fixed in between them.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

  • Fixed tooth replacement for missing tooth/teeth
  • Better replacement to the removable partial denture RPD with a more long term solution (provided good teeth or implants are present on both sides of the toothless space(s))
  • It helps to restore and improve function, eating, and speech
  • Improves smile and esthetic/cosmetic appearance
  • Improved sense of taste
  • More stable and patient-friendly when compared to a removable partial denture
  • Feels like a natural tooth in the mouth
  • Requires no surgery for FPD

How it is done?

Almost usually 2 at the max 3 visits are needed. At the first appointment, the teeth or implants are prepared for the bridge. Measurements of all teeth or implants are taken and sent to the dental lab where the new customized teeth are fabricated. We need to meet for trials to enable us to see the rest of your teeth accurately match the new porcelain teeth to the correct shape, contour, and color of existing teeth. A temporary acrylic prosthesis will most likely be made to protect prepared teeth and cemented in place using temporary cement. This remains in place whilst the final permanent teeth are being made. A temporary prosthesis is rarely required for implants unless ‘soft tissue/gum shaping and contouring’ is required prior to the delivery of your new permanent bridge.

At the second visit, if present, the temporary prosthesis is removed, the abutment teeth are thoroughly cleaned and your bridge is tried in. If the bridge fits well and you are happy with its appearance, shape, and color, it is either permanently cemented onto the prepared teeth or ‘screwed down’ onto the implants to hold it in place.

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